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Solar Panel Array Cleaning in Yeovil, Somerset

commercial industrial solar panel cleaning yeovil somerset

Professional Solar Cleaning

Cleaning solar panels is a specialist task best performed by professionals, you should not use chemicals or even tap water to clean them and it can be dangerous due mainly to the positioning of arrays.

commercial industrial solar panel farm cleaning yeovil somerset

Keeping Output At Optimum

If your business relies on the electricity that your solar panels produce it is prudent to have them professionally cleaned at least every 6-8 months to keep them at optimum efficiency.

commercial industrial solar array farm cleaning yeovil somerset

Health & Safety Compliant Solar Cleaners Across Yeovil, Somerset

There are many reasons that your solar panels should be cleaned by professionals regularly, the first being that a dirty panel produces up to 30% less electricity than a clean one does and due to their positioning and angle dirt will settle on them quite quickly.  This is true especially if you try to clean them with detergents which is not advised as detergents leave a sticky residue that dust etc will stick to which in turn means that your array will get dirtier much quicker.

Secondly is the safety factor, solar arrays that are mounted on roofs can't be simply accessed from a ladder and specialist equipment is needed in order for them to be cleaned safely.

Trade Solutions Yeovil use high reach pure water cleaning systems to clean your solar panels, usually safely from the ground or from MEWPS (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) and always keeping within the latest health & safety guidelines.  Pure water is the best and most effective way to clean panels because as with cleaning windows with this method nothing is left on the surface which dirt can stick to so not only will they look cleaner directly after cleaning but they will stay that way for much longer and will therefore produce more electricity for longer.

We provide many commercial and retail cleaning services across Yeovil and Somerset including windows, pressure washing, upvc and signagegutters, solar panels and can perform any or all of these on a single visit making our service even more cost effective.

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