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Softwash render cleaning in Yeovil, Somerset

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Widely used across Yeovil, Somerset and indeed the whole of the UK, render is a very popular covering for homes and larger commercial buildings too. Sadly, if it isn't cleaned on a regular basis render can become very dirty and covered with lichen, moss and algae besides general dust and dirt.

Cleaning render is a specialised job best left to softwashing professionals so don't be fooled by anyone in Yeovil that offers to use a pressure washer as this would most likely damage it, sometimes very severely and this includes the substrate as well (the substrate is what the render adheres to and if damaged the render will fall away from the wall).

The curb appeal of your once beautiful Yeovil home can be returned and the resale value quite possibly bumped up quite a bit simply by having the buildings surfaces cleaned professionally. It doesn't matter what type of covering it is whether it be lime, sand & cement, clay, polymer or acrylic renders or even pebble dash, Trade Solutions Ltd can make it look like new.

The process is specialised but also fairly simple, using low pressure sprayers Trade Solutions Yeovil first apply tailor made solutions that are individually formulated for each project and include biocides, detergents and other additives.

Then soft bristled brushes may be used to work the solutions into the surface and ensure maximum penetration before the cleaning solution is rinsed off. Depending on the severity of staining the whole process may be repeated to ensure the softwashing solution has done its job.